Blood Libel: On The Trail of an Antisemitic Myth by Magda Teter



Note on Places and Names                                                             


Chapter One: From Medieval Tales to the Challenge in Trent                        

Chapter Two: The Death of Little Simon and the Trial of Jews in Trent       

Chapter Three: Echoes of Simon of Trent in European Culture                       

Chapter Four: Blood Libels and Cultures of Knowledge in Early Modern Europe                                                   

Chapter Five: Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews Respond to Blood Libels          

Chapter Six: “Who Should One Believe, the Rabbis or the Doctors of the Church?”                                                                    

Chapter Seven: “Jews Are Deemed Innocent in the Tribunals of Italy”               

Chapter Eight: The “Enlightenment” Pope Benedict XIV and the Blood Accusation                                                               

Chapter Nine: Cardinal Ganganelli’s Secret Report                              

Chapter Ten: Calculated Pragmatism and the Waning of Accusations        

Epilogue: The Trail Continues                                             


Archival and Printed Primary Sources